Subproject D1

Assessment of Interaction Models in Mechanized Tunneling


Detail planning in mechanized tunneling that is both transparent and holistic as well as the assessment of individual systems and interrelated processes is becoming more and more essential for the robust and low-risk implementation of economic tunneling operations. In this context, complex interactions between the ground, the tunneling machine, the tunnel itself, the buildings on the surface and the material flow play a major role. In the subproject D1 fundamental concepts have been developed to model the data required for all essential system elements, processes and interactions. The information foreach individual system element is captured in an extendable product model. Exploratory interaction concepts have been implemented to validate the interoperability of individual system elements and processes by investigating specific problems in mechanized tunneling.

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Uncertainty visualization in settlement analysis displaying (a) a measurement error for monitored settlement points from satellite observation using transparent sphere glyphs and (b) displaying the extent of the probability density function for time-dependent settlement simulation using transparent or colored shapes.

Assessment of interaction chains by (1) setting up the interaction sequence and identifying submodel variants and (2) comparing the result quality of specific instantiations to a reference solution (here Interaction 3).