Subproject C3

Simulation of Production and Logistic Processes in Mechanized Tunneling: Simulation-Based Maintenance and Availability Analysis


The availability of tunnel boring machines and the overall productivity of mechanized tunneling projects mainly depends on the design and performance of the support and maintenance processes. The aim of this subproject is the operational analysis and management of the advancement processes including all support processes and the scheduling of maintenance work by using process simulation. A simulation model has been developed, which is easily adaptable to different project layouts and boundary condition. Uncertain input parameter are considered using distribution functions fitted on data from finished tunneling projects to enable Monte Carlo Simulations. This model has been used for the identification of bottlenecks in the supply chain and to evaluate the influence of disturbances on the productivity. Furthermore, an empirical wear prediction model for cutting tools in soft ground was adapted and utilized to analyze and improve maintenance strategies.

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Production and support processes of mechanized tunneling projects including disturbance and maintenance

Conceptual framework of the holistic process simulation approach for tunneling projects

Workflow for the evaluation of maintenance strategies regarding the robustness by using process simulation.