Subproject C4

Simulation of Processes at the Cutting Wheel and in the Excavation Chamber


Subproject C4 develops simulation models for the numerical analysis of the excavation of the ground and the transport of the excavated material in Earth Pressure Balance shield machines driving through strongly variable ground conditions. The models provide an in-depth understanding of the fracture and fragmentation processes in the ground, the loadings acting on the excavation tools, and the transport and mixture processes and the pressure distribution in the excavation chamber. The dependencies on the geological conditions, the machine design and the soil conditioning are explored to identify potentials for improvements of the cutting wheel design and the machine technology.

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Simulation of a EPB pressure chamber: (a) Sensor positions, (b) Pressure contour und (c) Pressure profiles on the left and right side and along the central vertical axis

Identification of material parameters. (a) Numerical and experimental (TP A4) results of the slump tests, (b) Screw conveyor test and the plot of pressure drop vs. viscosity

Model validation: (a) Experimental setup for the analysis of soil-cutting tool interaction, (b) Measured deformation, (c) Computed deformation