Project domains

Project Area A: Subsoil and Tunnel Boring Machine
A 1: Ground investigation through the analysis of TBM data (project finished July 2014) Prof. M. Alber, Prof. M. Thewes
2: Development of Effective Concepts for Tunnel Reconnaissance using Acoustic Methods Prof. W. Friederich, Prof. T. Nestorović
4: Conditioning of the Support Medium and Face Support in Tunneling with Earth-Pressure-Balance-Shields Prof. M. Thewes
5: Hydro-Mechanical Processes due to Mechanized Tunneling in Soft Clay Rock Dr. A. A. Lavasan
6: Local Transient Face Support within Hydro-Shields Dr. B. Schößer, Dr. W. Baille

Project Area B: Lining Systems and Support
B 1: Multi-Material Modular Lining Segments for Adaptive and Robust Tunnel Lining Systems Prof. R. Breitenbücher, Prof. P. Mark
2: Damage Analyses and Concepts for Damage-Tolerant Tunnel Linings Prof. G. Meschke, Dr. J.J. Timothy
3: Compressible Annular Gap Grouts for Squeezing Rock Prof. R. Breitenbücher
4: Annular Gap Grouting: Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical Modeling and Space-Resolved Experimental Investigations Prof. H. Steeb

Project Area C: Process Modeling
C 1: Process-Oriented Simulation Models for Mechanized Tunneling Prof. S. Freitag, Prof. G. Meschke
2: System and Parameter Identification Methods for Ground Models in Mechanized Tunneling Prof. M. König, Dr. E. Mahmoudi
3: Process Simulation in Mechanized Tunneling: From Prognoses to Real-Time Steering Us-ing Continuous Machine-Data-Based Model Updates Prof. M. König, Prof. M. Thewes
4: Simulation of Processes at the Cutting Wheel and in the Excavation Chamber Prof. G. Meschke, Prof. A. Vogel
5: Characterization of the Interactions between Cutting Tools and Rock during Tunneling from a Metallurgical and Rock Physical Point of View Prof. J. Renner, Prof. A. Röttger
6: Multiscale Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Cutting Tools Regarding their Tribological Behavior Prof. D. Balzani, Prof. K. Hackl
7: Vibration-based monitoring of interactions at cutting wheel - detecting wear Prof. I. Mueller

Project Area D: Information Management and Risk Modeling
D 1: Interactive Exploration and Assessment of Tunnel Alignments Prof. M. König, Prof. M. Thewes
3: Model-Based Risk Analysis for Heterogeneous Existing Structures Prof. P. Mark

Project Area T:
T 2: Simulation-and-monitoring-based real-time steering in mechanized tunneling Prof. S. Freitag, Prof. Dr. G. Meschke
3: Simulation-based planning and control of mechanised tunnelling, taking into account onsite and offsite logistics processes Prof. M. Koenig, Prof. M. Thewes

Integrated Graduate School Prof. S. Freitag, Prof. G. Meschke